Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ORK schedules the Hoedown for October 5&6!

It's official, Olympic Raft & Kayak of Port Angeles is taking the reins of this amazing event once again. October 5 & 6 at gorgeous Hobuck Beach on the extreme Northwest tip of the US.

Register for any or all of eleven events (including, new this year, team raft surfing!) at ORK's web site right here.

Lodging and camping are available on-site with Hobuck Beach Resort.

See all you paddlesurf junkies out there in force!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Hoedown registration is good to go!

Howdy Hoedowners!

Get out and enjoy the festivities at the 2011 Hobuck Hoedown, October 22-23, 2011 at Hobuck Beach.

For all things Hoedown, you can now go straight to Ruby Creek's web site. Clicking the logo below will take you to the Hoedown info page at

In addition to Hobuck news and registration, will bring you cool stuff about new products from the best paddlesports manufacturers, plus the Northwest's most awesome paddlesports races and festivals, in one spot with easy links to everything you need.

Thanks for following the blog, and we'll see you on the water!

Boat happy,

Monday, October 11, 2010

...and much props to Cathy Federici!

Cathy Federici’s tender massaging hand, all toasty at a Seahawk game.

As advertised, Licensed Masseuse Cathy Federici made it out to the Hoedown and offered a day and a half of her time to curing your aching muscles pre- and post-paddling. All this with most of the proceeds going to the Smilin’ Dave Mottershead fund. You are a generous and wonderful friend, Cathy! Thanks again for being there!

You can reach Cathy for YOUR next massage, at her web site ,
phone 206-290-1942, or email

Hoedown wrap-up

The best thing about the Hoedown was coming home with this box full of $1,600 in your donations, which is now in Dave and Helaine’s very thankful hands.

The 2010 Hoedown is a wrap, but those of us who were out there are still talking about the awesome weather, sweet waves, amazing competition and the whole weekend full of friendship. All that plus an amount of generosity that really shows the heart and soul of the surf paddle community.

The Hoedown’s youngest-ever competitor, 12-year-old whitewater kayak surfer Jeffrey Steehler. You rock!

Here are some links to pictures and narratives of the 3 days we shared together.


Rob Casey is an amazing photographer, good friend and terrific guy. He would have been competitive in pretty much every event out there but he hung on the beach shooting with the camera. He culled out this amazing album from his 2,000-plus images of the weekend. Rob’ new love is SUP, including instruction as owner of Salmon Bay Paddle, so make sure you get with Rob for a lesson.

Inge and Sean Watson got some great pics too. Inge’s Picasa Gallery shows Saturday free surfing, Saturday competition, and the Sunday competition. Sean posted his best pics from Sunday right here.

Sean and Inge shooting together.

Heather Nelson and her husband Brandon each posted awesome narratives on their blog at Heather’s description of Saturday’s Scramble Race warrants another hearty shoutout to Heather and the other 12 racers (total 11 sea kayakers and 2 SUPers) who braved the surf for this inaugural event.

If you’re on Facebook, check the picture galleries from Heather Nelson and Deb Volturno.

Speaking of Deb, many many thanks to Deb, Hamp All, Rob Casey, Jameson Riser, all the judges and volunteers tallying points behind the scenes, but especially Deb who was so enthusiastic about this event, helping and encouraging this rookie organizer all along.

Thanks to Dennis Judson and the Santa Cruz crew who loaned us the jerseys for competition day.

And thanks as always to our sponsors. If you guys want another well-supported event with awesome prizes and a chance for everyone to win some really cool gear, GET OUT THERE and BUY STUFF from THESE PLACES…

Our presenting sponsor, Dave King at Olympic Raft and Kayak in Port Angeles

Major sponsors (those who made a financial commitment in time to get their logos on the event tee shirt):

Surfer Dave Agnew at, well, Surfer Dave, selling Mega Surf Kayaks

Wayne Horodowich at University of Sea Kayaking

Vicki Adams at Sound Bikes and Kayaks in Port Angeles

George and Barb Gronseth at Kayak Academy in Issaquah

Rob Avery at, representing Valley Surf Kayaks

And special additional thanks to our additional sponsors who stepped up at the last minute and offered their products and services:

Tammi Hinkle at Adventures Through Kayaking in Port Angeles

Rob Casey at Salmon Bay Paddle in Seattle and Port Angeles

Kids, dogs, surf… just add boats, paddles, and a few dozen salty paddlers.

Bye! See ya next year. (Heather Nelson dancing in the surf, caught in the act by Inge Watson)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hoedown results!

Miz Deb, the brains behind Hoedown logistics, lays down the law to competitors before the surfing starts.


Thanks again to everyone who came out this weekend! What an awesome time was had by all, without a whole lot of carnage… and the weather, man, someone was watching out for us.


Thanks to your generosity, the Hoedown raised over $1,600 to help out our buddy Smilin’ Dave Mottershead and his wife Helaine as they work through his cancer treatments. That says a lot about our community, just a few dozen people caring so much about one of our own family.


Here are the finals results for the 2010 Hobuck Hoedown. Prelims will be posted separately.


Saturday events:

Sea Kayak/SUP Scramble:

Women’s Sea Kayak:

1st place: Karen Stevens, 28:50


Men’s Sea Kayak:

1st: Steve Hiegel, 20:02

2nd: Ed Hand, 20:28 (& hands-down carnage award winner!)

3rd: Jason Kiwi, 20:51


Women’s SUP:

1st: Heather Nelson, 25:11


Men’s SUP:

1st: Ken Campbell, 33:11


Women’s I.C.:

1st place: Jameson Riser, 59 pts.

2nd: Ayu Othman, 55 pts.


Men’s I.C.:

1st: Hamp All, 61.5

2nd: Jory Kahn, 51.5

3rd: Steve Hiegel, 48.5



Sunday events:

Men’s Sea Kayak:

1st: Brandon Nelson, 47

2nd: Steve Hiegel, 46

3rd: Tom Cromwell, 33.5


Men/Women combined SUP:

1st: Matt Zenobi, 40

2nd: Ellen DeBondt, 34

3rd: David Quasha, 27


Men’s Whitewater/Rodeo:

1st: Cameron Little, 52.5

2nd: Bryon Dorr, 52

3rd: Marc Emmons, 44.5

4th: Jeffrey Steehler, 36.5 *** Jeffrey, age 12, is our youngest competitor ever at the Hoedown. Hoping this starts a trend and we can rock a Juniors division next year!


Men’s Wave Ski:

1st: Ken DeBondt, 55

2nd: Mitch Zenobi, 52

3rd: Zack Zenobi, 47.5


Men’s Open HP:

1st: Hamp All, 71

2nd: Gary Korb, 58.5

3rd: Luke Spencer, 52.5


Women’s HP:

1st: Ellen DeBondt, 54.5

2nd: Ayu Othman, 46.5

3rd: Jameson Riser, 44.5


Men’s Masters (40+) HP:

1st: Gary Korb, 60

2nd: Hamp All, 51

3rd: Ken DeBondt, 38


Mahalo everyone and we’ll see you at next year’s Hoedown!




Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hoedown directions, camping and lodging

Here’s how to get to the Hoedown:

From Port Angeles, take US 101 6 miles West of town to the junction with WA 112.

Turn right to go West on WA 112.

After 38 miles, turn right at the stop sign to continue West on WA 112.

After 26 miles, enter Neah Bay WA. WA 112 Becomes Bayview Ave.


All participants must stop at Washburn’s Store on your left across from the marina, to pick up a Makah Tribal Recreation Permit for $10 per car – it’s valid through the end of the year.

Please remember we are guests of the Makah Tribe. Please respect the land, the beach, and local laws.

Thanks for your cooperation!


After picking up your Recreation Permit, follow Bayview to the end of town, turn left on Fort Street, right on 3rd Ave, and left on Cape Flattery Road.

Follow Cape Flattery Rd a little over two miles and turn left on the Wa’Atch bridge.

Cross the bridge and turn right on Makah Passage.

Hobuck Beach Resort, our event HQ, is less than half a mile ahead on your right.

You can camp at the Resort for $20 nightly per tent or $30 per RV with hookups, and there may still be some sweet cabins available if they’re not already reserved. Please contact the Resort directly for more information at 360-645-2339.

More beach access is on the right, just past the entrance to the Resort.

Exact location of the competition will be determined on Sunday AM, depending on surf conditions.

Schedule of events

Inge Watson photo – thanks!

Here’s the updated plan for Hoedown weekend:

Thursday at midnight – last chance to register on line for the event. It will cost you $5 more per event at the venue on Saturday. NO on-site registration on Sunday.

Friday – come on out, informal get togethers and planning sessions. J

Saturday – All day:

· “Expression Session” – practice your moves for Sunday

· Judges’ meetings

· Last day to register for your events. Cash or check only please. It will cost you $5 less on line.

· If you’ve already registered on line, you can check in for your events on Saturday or Sunday.

· Tee shirts, while they last, $20 on site. If you order your shirt with your on line event registration, it’s $15.

· Massages by Cathy Federici. Look for the blue pop-up tent, on the beach or in the campground depending on weather

Saturday events:

· 3pm – SUP Scramble race

· 4pm – Sea Kayak Scramble race

· 6pm – Dinner $10. Provided by a Neah Bay caterer, this should be awesome. If you pay for dinner with your on line registration, it’s only $5.


· 8am – competitors’ meeting

· 8:30am – heats begin for events requiring prelims.

· Heats are 19 minutes, with 1 minute for changeover and on to the next heat.

· After prelims are complete, finals begin for less-populated events that had no prelims.

· The day will end with final heats for events that had prelims.

· Awards will happen as results from each event are finalized.