Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hoedown results!

Miz Deb, the brains behind Hoedown logistics, lays down the law to competitors before the surfing starts.


Thanks again to everyone who came out this weekend! What an awesome time was had by all, without a whole lot of carnage… and the weather, man, someone was watching out for us.


Thanks to your generosity, the Hoedown raised over $1,600 to help out our buddy Smilin’ Dave Mottershead and his wife Helaine as they work through his cancer treatments. That says a lot about our community, just a few dozen people caring so much about one of our own family.


Here are the finals results for the 2010 Hobuck Hoedown. Prelims will be posted separately.


Saturday events:

Sea Kayak/SUP Scramble:

Women’s Sea Kayak:

1st place: Karen Stevens, 28:50


Men’s Sea Kayak:

1st: Steve Hiegel, 20:02

2nd: Ed Hand, 20:28 (& hands-down carnage award winner!)

3rd: Jason Kiwi, 20:51


Women’s SUP:

1st: Heather Nelson, 25:11


Men’s SUP:

1st: Ken Campbell, 33:11


Women’s I.C.:

1st place: Jameson Riser, 59 pts.

2nd: Ayu Othman, 55 pts.


Men’s I.C.:

1st: Hamp All, 61.5

2nd: Jory Kahn, 51.5

3rd: Steve Hiegel, 48.5



Sunday events:

Men’s Sea Kayak:

1st: Brandon Nelson, 47

2nd: Steve Hiegel, 46

3rd: Tom Cromwell, 33.5


Men/Women combined SUP:

1st: Matt Zenobi, 40

2nd: Ellen DeBondt, 34

3rd: David Quasha, 27


Men’s Whitewater/Rodeo:

1st: Cameron Little, 52.5

2nd: Bryon Dorr, 52

3rd: Marc Emmons, 44.5

4th: Jeffrey Steehler, 36.5 *** Jeffrey, age 12, is our youngest competitor ever at the Hoedown. Hoping this starts a trend and we can rock a Juniors division next year!


Men’s Wave Ski:

1st: Ken DeBondt, 55

2nd: Mitch Zenobi, 52

3rd: Zack Zenobi, 47.5


Men’s Open HP:

1st: Hamp All, 71

2nd: Gary Korb, 58.5

3rd: Luke Spencer, 52.5


Women’s HP:

1st: Ellen DeBondt, 54.5

2nd: Ayu Othman, 46.5

3rd: Jameson Riser, 44.5


Men’s Masters (40+) HP:

1st: Gary Korb, 60

2nd: Hamp All, 51

3rd: Ken DeBondt, 38


Mahalo everyone and we’ll see you at next year’s Hoedown!




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